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Don't make the classic mistake of confusing correlation with causality. Nudists tend to be free thinkers in order to justify defying their culture's perverted attitude about nudity. Nudists also tend to stand up and be less ashamed and inhibited about sexuality in order to address why nudity by itself isn't sexual.
If the culture didn't marginalize and misassociate us like it does, I suspect there wouldn't be any demographic or sociological differences between people who are nudists and people who aren't nudists.
But to your question, it's interesting is that studies of nudists and their families over many decades seems to indicate that the average nudist is more pragmatic and responsible about sex than most people are. Maybe because we're more independent thinking and less ashamed of the subject, if only because we have to be.
At least that's my experience and the experience of most of the nudists I've met. We probably don't have sex more often than other people do, but we're probably not as freaked out about it as so many people seem to be.